Hello World

An introduction from our authors.

So here’s the thing. We’re a husband and wife duo: David and Stephanie Ketler, who believe that there’s some injustice when it comes to cookbooks. Don’t get us wrong, we love them… but most of the time they’re just there to look pretty on a bookshelf, and the food made looks nothing like what they show in the book itself [potentially not good food, and not a successful recipe as well].

Have you ever wondered how truly easy/hard a recipe was, and wanted to google it to see other peoples opinions and get nothing? Yeah, we’ve done that too. Which got us thinking: Why don’t we create a blog that deals with this situation? Grab our favourite cookbooks, cook through them and document the good, the bad, and the ugly of the whole process. [and translate, where appropriate, as cookbook language isn’t necessarily consistent with human language] Isn’t that what people want? Wouldn’t we want that, if it were an option? I thought so, he thought so [yeah, I did], so here we are!

Come on the ride with us, and see what sort of mischief we can come up with along the way. It won’t always be recipes from cookbooks, as who likes something that runs too smoothly? Definitely not us. You’ll get some things that are related to food, but maybe not a recipe all the time. And from week to week, either I, Stephanie, will be writing the core blog post, or David will be.

P.S. Whenever there’s a comment inside of quotes [hey, how’s it going], it’s the other one inserting their thoughts into that blog post.

[A footnote from David: this weekend we’ll be doing our first food-related post, and get this train rolling.]