So uhh it’s been a while. Things have been crazy for the past couple of months; there will be a post to follow regarding that. But suffice to say, we’ve been busy, and the wheels have fallen off the cart a little bit. So, this is going to be a mostly photo-based post, not a lot to say regarding the recipe or anything because it was mostly just winging it, and giving smoking on a Weber Kettle a try.



  • Ribs


  • A few hours, or the day before, coat the ribs in the dry rub of your choice, wrap in aluminum foil, and let rest in the fridge
  • You may want to do it the night before, since the smoke time is quite long (potentially ~ 8 hours), and you’re not going to have sufficient time to let them rest
  • I used the snake method on the kettle; pile a chain of coals, 3, 2, 1 wide around the outside of the kettle, adding soaked chips or chunks of wood (we used mesquite)
  • Using your charcoal chimney, light 10-20 coals, let burn for 15 minutes to ash over, and use them to light the end of the snake
  • Add a foil tray of boiling water, this will help keep everything moist, and help regulate the temperature
  • This method should be reasonably hands-off, simply check the temp once in a while, or use a bbq thermometer
  • Smoke for 5-8 hours at ~ 225F until the ribs reach an internal temperature of 190F (yeah yeah, like 165F is done, but they won’t be as soft and moist)
  • Let rest for 20 - 30 minutes, in foil, while you prep the sides etc
  • Eat delicious smokey ribs


D: I’ll definitely be performing more smoking experience on the Weber. I’ll need to grab a wireless thermometer, as I’d like to do a brisket or a pork shoulder (likely the shoulder) next, and checking it once in a while is kind of annoying. A wireless thermometer with a pit probe would make it trivial to just let it run all day. So once I grab that, and grab a shoulder, we’ll do some pulled pork.

For now, this writeup is simply to share the photos and the delicious ribs. It’s totally feasible to just use the kettle as a smoker and end up with a good smoke ring, and some really solid moist ribs. As you can see in the final shot, there’s a solid smoke ring, and they pretty much taste as they look. Probably the best ribs I’ve had, including the bbq smoke houses we’ve been to. Just stellar. Weber Kettle = flexible awesomeness.